About Pindo Rama

We believe Brazil is extraordinary,  bustling with energy and vibrant colours.

We want to show it to the world. 

Brazilian culture is one of the world's most varied and diverse.

This is due to its being a melting pot of nationality and to its tropical spirit.


The country that covers nearly half of South America is also home to the lungs of our planet, the amazon, and much more.


Our passion for this wonderful country inspired us to create Pindo Rama.

We are more than just an apparel brand and custom print shop. 

We are a source of empowerment, a community, and a place of creativity and growth.

Our purpose is to create, influenced by Brazil in order to inspire and educate. 


All our products are unisex. In our prints we express our culture, art, music, legends and beliefs, as well as the pride of being Brazilian.

Pindorama, word derived from the Tupi Guarani, which means "Land free of evil" and / or "Land of palm trees". This was how the indigenous locals called Brazil before its discovery.


All of our products are authentic, and of the best quality possible.

We know that clothing manufacturing is one of the most environmentally harmful industries on the planet, so our way of working takes into consideration the reduction, reuse and recycling that are part of an educational process that aims to change the habits of all of us, in regard to over-consumption and waste. 

Pindo Rama is doing everything to have a positive impact, with good sense, as much socially as environmentally.