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Our Reason for Being

Turning art into fashion

Our purpose is to create, influenced by Brazil in order to inspire and educate.

Every design and illustration holds a story, has been carefully considered and hand illustrated with love.

Charity involvement

We are a source of empowerment, a community, a place of creativity.

We believe in acceptance, compassion and tolerance, self respect and respect of others.

These qualities are celebrated through our artwork and social impact.

We do everything to have a positive influence, socially and environmentally.

We have selected a group of charities we support, advocate and raise awareness for, donating 10% of our sales to for certain products.

Environmental impact

Our way of working takes into consideration the reduction, reuse and recycling that are part of an educational process that aims to change the habits of all of us, in regard to over-consumption and waste.

Our products are Earth Positive, climate neutral, manufactured solely using renewable energy from wind and solar power as well as exclusively organic cotton.

Our packaging is plastic free and 100% recyclable

Pindo Rama is proudly partnered with

Brazil Solidarity Initiative 

Insituto Marielle Franco

Survival International

FAS - Fundação Amazonas Sustentável