Send a quick hug, birthday love or a ‘thank you’ with our hand drawn greeting cards.Is there anything lovelier than love notes in the post? Sending you a little love from afar, wherever you are.Our Greeting card pack includes, a Happy Birthday Flamingos, Thinking of You Hummingbirds, a Thank You Pineapple, a Birthday Jaguar and a Congratulations Parrot.Want to pick and mix? Get in touch on


The pack includes 5 cards


Birthday Flamingos

These (not so little) birdies bring a little bit of happiness for your loved one's birthday.

This card represents some of  the thousands of  animals that live in the Amazon River, with more constantly being discovered.

Brighten up someone's day with this greeting card.


Hummingbirds thought
We love hummingbirds for everything they stand for, they represent symbol of wisdom and courage as well as positivity. The perfect little birdy to tell them they are in your thoughts. 
Remind them you are here for them with this greeting card.


Jaguar birthday

Who says the jaguar doesn't like a party hat? Wish someone a happy birthday with this hand drawn Brazilian big card and make their day.


Parrot birthday

This little birdy wants to wish you a happy birthday! Make someone's day and send them this hand drawn card.

This one shows a Brazilian macaw and Vitoria Regias,  the largest lillypads in the world, they grow as big as 3 meters wide.


Pineapple thank you

Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside. This gorgeous fruit coming straight from the tropics was once thousands of pounds and seen as a luxury. but making someone's day with this greeting card is priceless.

Greeting Cards

    • Pack of 5 post cards
    • Hand illustrated
  • We always carefully check each product and package it all by hand,

    if anything is wrong with your oder write to us at and we can arrange a return.